Return Policy

Our return policy is designed to facilitate the process of exchange, replacement, or refund between the buyers and the sellers on Brandpeck. The return policy and its terms are specific to the sellers selling the products and may change as per the type of products, category and other things. The return policy on the specific product page will prevail over general return policy. It is advisable to the users to refer to the respective products’ return policy on the page and understand it before buying it. We aim to provide the best service to our customers through our easy to understand and follow return policy. Here are the essential points of our Return Policy. Do go through all of them to better understand it.

1. What you can Return

Brandpeck features a wide range of products. The users can return most of the products they buy from the sellers. But there are exceptions to certain items that cannot be returned like food and flowers. Items that are not returnable have the details on the product page and you are requested to read it before buying it.

You can return items that were delivered in damaged condition, missing parts or accessories, or they are defective in some ways or if the wrong product was delivered to you.

Food and flower items are non-returnable. Food products like the cakes cannot be returned once its bought.

2. How to Return the package

You can return the items in a few easy steps. You can use the order page to select the return option. You can contact the seller for returning the items you ordered. Arrangements will be made to pick up the items and once the package is received the refund process will start immediately.

3. Refund Process

Your refund will be done within 3 working days of returning the items. The return amount will reflect on your bank account within 3 working days in case you made the payment online. We strive to provide the best service, which is why we offer fast refund and money back guarantee on all our eligible products.

4. Replacement

If the items arrived in damaged condition or if you received the wrong items, it can be replaced with the new one depending on the seller. It depends on the seller to initiate the replacement of products. The replacement of the particular products is subject to availability of the same item with the seller. If you have any queries or questions related to our return policy, feel free to contact us -