Brandpeck is all About Quality Products and Services

Brandpeck was established with a vision to empower small businesses, sellers and enterprises across the state of Odisha through our marketplace. Our platform is designed to help sellers reach millions of customers across Odisha and the country. We strive to bring both small and large sellers and the customers in one place where they can participate and benefit each other without the middlemen.

At Brandpeck marketplace, you will find hundreds of products from various sellers form different parts of the state. You can buy products easily, at the best prices and enjoy the fast delivery.

Here is an overview of what Brandpeck is all about:

Our Idea

Quality is paramount for us. We feature high-quality products from sellers who share the same concept as us. We bring together small businesses, sellers and enterprises together in one place where they can sell their products conveniently. Odisha is a state with many possibilities and through our online store, we strive to provide them with a platform where they can showcase and sell their products easily. We bring them the power of technology so that they can be a part of today’s competitive market.

All our products are original, made form high-quality materials, and are designed to meet customer needs. Whether you are a seller or buyer, Brandpeck is for everyone. Through our website, we strive to help small business and seller grow their business and move forward in this digital age.

We empower small business, sellers and buyers with high-quality products and services.

Value proposition

Brandpeck value proposition is about giving the sellers the power and ease of selling their products without any hassle. At the same time, we provide our valuable customers equal power and ease of buying high quality products hassle-free. We offer large product catalogue, 100% authentic products, easy payment methods, 3-day return policy and much more to enrich your online shopping experience with us. We strive to become your one stop destination for buying high quality products like food, clothes, electronics and accessories among various other things. We have created various categories pertaining to the popular demands to make search easy.

Quality is Paramount

Whether its food products, fashion, electronic or accessories, you will only find products that are of high-quality. We partner with sellers and businesses who are willing to provide the best quality products to the customers. The sellers bring some of the best products – many of them handmade and designed carefully – to the customers who are looking to buy authentic goods from the local producers and creators.

Brands We Work With

We bring you high-quality products from top brands in Odisha. Our aim is to make it easy for the consumers to buy high-quality products from top brands, such as Paris Bakery, Bake 1, Mio Amore, Monginis, Samsung, Oppo, Mi and many more. From food to clothes to electronics, we feature products from brands that are well-known, and loved by the consumers.

At Brandpeck, you can easily buy products that you love from the brands that you trust. Our marketplace has been designed to meet your specific shopping needs at the most efficient way possible.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

One of the things that set us apart from others is that we provide fast delivery service. Many of the products can be shipped and delivered on the same day. Food items like cakes can be delivered at midnight for celebrating special occasions like Birthdays. We also ensure that the products are delivered safely and securely. We also have 3-day return policy on the qualified products. Overall, we strive to provide an efficient, fast and reliable delivery of your favorite products.